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People term opportnities that cannot be changed by will and effort as fate.

If lucky or unlucky was dicided by fate in this world.

Fate can be changed.

To be able to catch good chances one would fight for.

Or otherwise, instead of resisting against...


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Do you know about splitting images of people?

There are three people who look exactly the same

as yourself in this world.

Once you meet one of those people, you'll pass on.


It's a myth with no basis.

It's called one in three, to be exact.

A system to maintain the averange.

Whereby three people who look exactly the same share different destinies.

Once any two of them meet, they'll follow up.

The two of them will dissapear from the face of Earth due to an illness or anything.

And the third or the origin will absorb the fate of the other two.

Are you sure that you are the origin, and not a filler?




9.1.09 05:30

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